“I don’t get enough help in school. I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. I hate this. I feel lost.”


What You Can Expect

As public schools focus on an increasingly narrow band of core academic subjects, many young people find themselves struggling to cope with increased expectations, and a less diverse curriculum devoid of many of the elements that used to make school bearable — such as art; music; or career-focused, hands-on classes like auto mechanics or welding. Additionally, life skills classes such as cooking and personal finance are often de-emphasized, or eliminated altogether, in the need to focus on achieving high test scores, making it much more likely that students will graduate without the required skills and knowledge to succeed in the world outside of school.   

Although some young people are able to navigate the path through their K-12 education and into their post-high school lives with confidence and expertise, most struggle with at least some part of this journey. Here are examples of situations of young people we have helped in the past.

Guide on the Side helps youth to flourish in and out of school by providing a powerful link between academic education and real-world learning essential for success. We do this through academic tutoring in all subjects, the cultivation of real-world skills, and connected emotional support. 

We support students in making meaning that is valuable to them, creating a solid academic and social groundwork so that they can thrive.  Find out more about what kinds of services Guide on the Side can provide.