Mentoring, Coaching, and Tutoring

- Personalized support in a standardized system -


Our Mission

Guide on the Side trusts in the core capacity of each and every student and supports young people in realizing their potential in and out of school. Through personalized mentoring, coaching, and one-on-one assistance, Guide on the Side works with youth as they navigate their way from disconnection to engagement, cultivating real-world skills, academic success, and emotional ease.


“I could literally write a book on what you have done for my kids, and for me, academically and personally.”  

Adriana T. (parent)


Our Values

All Guide on the Side programs are rooted in a social justice framework. We understand that we live within a society that has not always provided the conditions necessary to ensure that every person’s talents and gifts are fully realized. We commit to working to reduce such inequity by offering service packages accessible for those with fewer economic resources.