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I believe that everyone loves to learn something, even if they may not love “school.” I believe in exploring the options so that each family can make the choices that best serve them. I believe in seeing things fresh with each student, in co-learning alongside you.

I truly believe that the world needs the gifts that each one of us brings.

Nancy Karmiller

Although I never intended to be a teacher, my first experience tutoring teens in an after school program more than twenty years ago convinced me that there was nothing in the world I would rather do. I worked in a number of different youth programs, beginning to define for myself the essential elements of transformative teaching and learning.

Being able to provide a safe space for kids to share what they are going through; learning to honor and support them through the struggles and joys of learning; and witnessing students light up with enthusiasm and empowerment when they feel heard, supported, and engaged is what has fueled my work for the last two decades.

“You are my favorite teacher ever.”

—Dakota L. (Student)

In my role as a mentor, tutor, and guide, I have honed an ability to bridge the gap between disconnection and engagement, between frustrated youth and concerned parents, between a sense of despair and a spark of motivation.

I learn constantly through my students, and they through me. I love both the learning itself and the sense of camaraderie that collaborative learning engenders.

For twenty-one years, I designed and ran innovative alternative programs for the Centennial School District. There, my colleagues and I worked closely with youth, creating customized educational plans involving not only tutoring, but small group instruction and extensive hands-on learning opportunities. Students participated in volunteer work in our local community, as well as field trips to the San Juan Islands, San Francisco, and Canada, among many other places. During my time in the Centennial School District, I worked with hundreds of students, helping them to graduate and find jobs and personal paths of meaning.  

I have a B.A. in English and a Master’s in Teaching with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction from Lewis & Clark College.



  • Extensive training in issues regarding equity in schools and society

  • Administrative Certification (in progress)

  • SIOP strategies to make learning accessible to English Language Learners

  • Building leadership team member 1996-2016

  • District Family Advisory Council member 2014-2015

  • Superintendent’s Advisory Council member 2009-2011

  • Led Centennial Park Parents’ Advisory Council 2007-2011